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Our Value Add

Sonoma Brands' entrepreneurial heritage allows the team to support Partner Companies in a meaningful way from day one. These capabilities are unique among early stage investors and help accelerate growth.

NO. 1

Sales, Marketing
& Operations

From early stage brand positioning to executing marketing campaigns and building supply chains, Sonoma Brands has been there, done that, and has the know-how to build the brands of the future.

NO. 2


Innovation is paramount to success and Sonoma Brands is on the cutting edge. Packaging design, brand voice development and product launches are just a few of the team’s favorite things *wink wink*

NO. 3


Feet on the street is the name of the game – Sonoma Brands’ deep relationships with long tenured industry professionals and the retail, broker and distributor networks allows partner brands to plug & play with retail placement both on and off shelf.

NO. 4


Great people make great brands. Through deep industry networks, Sonoma Brands places A+ talent on leadership teams – no benchwarmers here.

NO. 5


Click, scroll, shop, buy. Everything is just a click away and Sonoma Brands knows the importance of winning in the ever changing digital landscape. Performance marketing, media partnerships, content strategy and choosing the right e-commerce platform are just a few of the building blocks to a great digital business.

NO. 6


Data is King. Sonoma Brands is a team of skilled analysts who will dive into retail data, working alongside partner brands to build a compelling story, using consumer and category data to further brand growth.

Our Ethos