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Our Values

NO. 1

Hard Work

Successful brands are not built overnight. We do not speak “growth at all costs” and look for founders who understand that brand equity is built brick-by-brick, beginning with products and services that consumers love.

NO. 2


We are specialists, together forming a small team that takes pride in our abilities to deliver outsized value to our founders. From retail relationships and supply chain to eCommerce and technology, our respective areas of expertise have been honed over years as founders and investors in leading brands.

NO. 3


Just as technological innovation has defined much of our region’s success, we believe innovation within product, channel strategy and digital engagement is core to the success of today’s emerging brands. We’re looking for those founders writing the next playbook.

NO. 4

Good Neighbors

In our view, investing is a relationship business built on trust, reliability and empathy. We strive to be recognized as the investor whom the decision to partner with is one of the best decisions that entrepreneur has made.